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At Gums and Smiles Family Dental, we strive to make the children visit a better experience. Nitrous Oxide, or Laughing Gas, is provided in our office to help calm the younger patients if needed to produce a pleasant and relaxing experience for the patients.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry administers medication to help patients relax and ease the pain during or after dental procedures. Although it’s commonly interchanged with sleep dentistry; the difference between the two is that sleep dentistry uses general anesthetics which makes you unconscious while, sedatives relax you, but won’t totally knock you out.

Nitrous oxide: Also known as ‘laughing gas’ this helps relax you during your procedure. It wears off fairly quickly, so you may be able to drive home after and function within a reasonable time frame.

Oral sedatives: Oral sedatives (e.g. such as diazepam or valium), also helps relax you during dental procedures. You typically take them an hour or so before your appointment as they take longer to break down than gas. With oral sedatives, you’re fully awake but less anxious, and you might feel a little sleepy and/or incoherent.

Candidates for Dental Sedation

  1. Dental anxiety
  2. Sensitive teeth
  3. Difficulty getting numb
  4. Complex dental issues
  5. Fear of needles
  6. Limited time to complete dental work
  7. Traumatic dental experiences
  8. Difficulty controlling movement

Our goal is for you to be relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy a pleasant experience at our clinics. To determine if you’re a candidate for sedation dentistry or experience any anxiety about dental procedures, please contact at Gums and Smiles Family Dental in Leander, Texas 78641 to our dental professionals.