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Modern Technology

Digital X-rays

Oral X-rays are very important part of understanding your overall oral health. We use them to spot decay, detect bone level, prepare for restorative procedures, oral surgeries and much more. Gums & Smiles Family Dental utilizes digital X-rays, which are a modern advancement in radiography, which eliminates the need for uncomfortable X-ray film. They also emit less radiation and deliver detailed images immediately for more efficient treatment planning & patient education.

Intra-oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras have revolutionized the world of dentistry. It has made dentists more accurate in their diagnosis and patients more accepting of the treatment advised. Understanding the reason for the treatment starts with accepting the fact that there is a problem. An intraoral camera is the best tool available to dentists through which they can show live images and videos of the problem areas and educate the patient about the dental illness. Using intraoral cameras is now a standard practice, and we use it to give you a visual “tour” of your mouth on screen so you can take a close look at everything we see, helping you better understand diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Isolite System

A little intra-oral device, the Isolite system has a variety of capabilities that make your patient experience more comfortable and that make our job super easier. It has a bright light that allows us to work under shadows, it has a place to rest your jaw, and it has a vacuum-like attachment that suctions out water and saliva so we can work more efficiently.

Digital Caries & Plaque Detection Device

Caries are clearly revealed by the bright red color in the caries mode of device. Other surrounding tissue is displayed in black and white, thus focusing on the carious lesions to help a Dentist diagnose more efficiently.
Due to the wavelength emitted by the LED lights, the new plaque is highlighted by its white and grainy characteristic and old plaque is revealed a shade of yellow and orange, that helps a Dentist to explain patients very thoroughly.

Relaxing Amenities

Free WiFi & Beverage Bar

You don’t have to sign off and put your work aside just because you’re at a dental office. We offer complimentary WiFi throughout our office, and our reception area also has a convenient relaxing beverage bar. You’re more than welcome to surf the web and check your email even at a dental appointment!

Private Treatment Rooms with Overhead & Wall TVs

Enjoy the privacy and peace in our private treatment rooms. We have overhead & wall mounted TVs in each rooms so that you can stay entertained either way and can catch up on your favorite TV shows or Netflix while we can take care of your teeth!

Warm Neck Pillows & Blanket

We just don’t want to be like another medical or dental office, We want you to have really relaxing & comforting experience. If it makes you more comfortable having neck pillows & blanket please don’t hesitate to ask for. Our staff will be more than happy to provide those for you!

Headphones & Music

Afraid of treatment noises ? Do not worry we can offer headphones to put you at ease. We want you to have jazzed up while we fix your teeth!

Kid’s Play Area

We haven’t forgotten about your little ones! We have designated kid’s play area with toys and books. Whether your children are accompanying you on your dental visit, or they’re here for their own appointment, they’ll see the dentist can be a fun place too!