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Dental Filling

Dental fillings are commonly used in the treatment of cavities, yet they also are used to fix broken or cracked teeth, or teeth which have been worn down over a period of time.

Many dental filling treatments feature these:

  1. Topical anesthetic that numbs the treatment area.
  2. Decay removal of all affected teeth.
  3. Tooth restoration with the use of an amalgam or composite filling.
  4. Bite check that ensures the teeth comfortably align.


It might be difficult to tell if your tooth is cracked. If you experience pain, you might not have the ability to tell which tooth actually hurts or whether that pain is from a lower or upper tooth. Sometimes cracks aren’t visible to the naked eye and might not show up on the x-ray. And occasionally you will not have any sensitivity or pain whatsoever; your dentist is going to find it during the examination. If you’re experiencing symptoms, it’s possible to help the dentist locate the cracked tooth by sharing a little information: things which produce tooth pain (like cold, heat, or sweet, sticky, or sour foods)area of the pain

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