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If you are interested in transforming your smile with porcelain veneers, you may also be interested in learning about Lumineers, especially if you are unsure about enamel removal. Lumineers are like porcelain veneers but require very minimal tooth prep. That means you have the option to remove them at any time later on if you would prefer to return to your natural smile.

Like traditional porcelain veneers, Lumineers cover teeth to alter their shape, size, and color, creating a more dazzling and confident appearance. But Lumineers are not right for everyone. We will be happy to help you determine whether they are the best option for you.

If Lumineers are right for you, getting started is as simple as coming to our Gums & Smiles Family Dental office to have an impression of your teeth made. The Lumineers lab will refer to this impression as they craft your custom-made veneers. When your Lumineers are ready, you will just need to return to our office to have them put into place. If cared for properly, your Lumineers can help you keep your smile looking its best for years to come.

7 Common Dental Problems Solved by Lumineers to Give You the Perfect Smile in Just 2 Visits

  1. Brighten Teeth - Lumineers provide a long-lasting white smile, no matter what you eat or drink! Whether the stains are caused by time, drinking coffee or red wine, or by tetracycline staining, Lumineers can transform your smile with a permanently bright and natural look.
  2. Restore Chipped Teeth - Do you have a chip on one of your teeth? Is it right in the front where everyone can see? Lumineers offer a painless and pleasant way to fix your chipped tooth for good.
  3. Eliminate Spacing and Gaps - Is there a gap between your front teeth or some other spacing problem that you wish you didn’t have? Lumineers is a fast, non-invasive procedure for eliminating gaps between teeth. In just 2 short visits to your dentist, these ultra-thin “smile shapers” will eliminate excess space, while keeping your original teeth intact.
  4. Align Crooked Teeth - Lumineers provide a painless, fast alternative to braces that offers a perfectly-aligned look along with a beautiful smile. Despite the fact that braces are readily available for adults, most do not want to endure the pain and suffering, or the embarrassment, with Lumineers—an ideal alternative to orthodontics.
  5. Reshape Teeth - You’ve probably been reluctant to have a traditional veneer procedure for fear that your teeth will be ground down. Not with Lumineers. Ultra-thin Lumineers are simply placed over your original teeth, and in most cases don’t require the removal of any sensitive tooth structure.
  6. Renew Old Dental Work - No matter your age, old crowns, and bridgework add many years to your face. Lumineers can easily be placed on top of crowns and bridgework to give you a beautiful smile—painlessly.
  7. Perfect Hollywood Smile - Your smile may look pretty good, but you want it to look great. A Certified Lumineers Dentist will evaluate your smile and help you achieve the look you want in just 2 short, painless visits.

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