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Our Goal

Personalized, Comfort & Comprehensive Dental Care for every patient walks in our office

Our Promise

  1. High-Quality, Affordable-Cost - At Gums & Smiles Family Dental, we offer a number of treatment and payment options to keep your Gums & Smiles perfect. Call now for more information!
  2. Wide Range of Dental Services - Our friendly and experienced dental professionals provide a wide range of family dentistry services including periodontal treatments, preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation and emergency dentistry care.
  3. Convenience - Here, we gladly treat patients of all ages, including adults, teens & young children. We also offer evening and weekend appointments

Our Philosophy

  1. We understand that the way we do business is very important - Our decisions for ethics and morals are based on core principles. Trust, honesty, integrity, and character are vital aspects of our business.
  2. We understand that everyone’s time is very valuable - It is our privilege to perform beyond what is required to finish our job on-time successfully.
  3. We understand that patients pay our salaries - Everyone here does their best to keep patients satisfied. In order to succeed, we continuously establish something special between us and our patients to create long lasting relationships.
  4. We understand that job security lies in an individual’s talent - Employees get paid based on their talent, performance & personal value to the company
  5. We understand strength of team work - We work as a team to continue growing as a team
  6. We understand that a competitive environment makes individual more meticulous - Healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average efforts
  7. We understand that we have an opportunity to offer best dentistry possible to each and every patient - We believe in quality dentistry and benefits of educating patients about it